photo credit: @devinlogan

Pilates for Athletes

Pilates-based exercises help improve performance, reduce injury, and relieve stress. Unlike other hardcore strength training regimens that focus more specifically on muscle mass, Pilates focuses on toning your muscles, thereby improving your balance and alignment.


Maggie Voisin as she explains why she loves Pilates. Olympians, like 17-year-old Maggie Voisin, an X Games silver medalist for free skiing, swear by Pilates. "Pilates is just different, and it's something that anyone can do-you don't even need to be an athlete. It's something I'm going do for the rest of my career and life," says Voisin, who trains with Delia Buckmaster at Exhale Pilates in Whitefish, Montana.


Pilates for Prevention of Injury

The exercises in a Pilates workout aid in developing core strength and can also assist with injury prevention. Because Pilates works on a controlled lengthening of the muscle, it can be beneficial in assisting overall flexibility creating a greater level of stamina. Emphasis on breath as one of the principles can aid an athlete to focus on their game or competition.