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  • 20% OFF Private/ Duet studio sessions when purchasing as a block of 10 ($64 Private /$48 Duet) Purchase upfront or pay weekly (Sign up online via the links below) The ultimate in Pilates care. This is a fantastic option for those just starting out, those wanting to supplement their classes with more specifically tailored programs, those working toward a specific goal or manage a specific condition or those who love to vary apparatus


  • $40 Semi-Private classes (3 participants/session) Each class will be different from the last. Up to 3 participants means more attention, hands on corrections and guidance. create a group of your own, or book in individually. This is a fun, relaxed and motivating way to train.

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  • 10% OFF class cards. One of the most popular options at the studio. This is a great way to go if you like to to train more than one class a week, if you need help with motivation and committing to an exercise regime, and for those wanting to sample the Pilates House lifestyle.

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  • Bring a guest for FREE! This is available to all clients who have previously experienced a Pilates House session. For a limited time, you are welcome back to bring a guest to share a class with you! This is a free class for one participant, or a half price class for each of you. This promotion is valid for all group classes on the schedule as well as the "Semi-Private" time slots on the timetable.